Cort L450C

Cort L450C

Cort L450C

Body&Neck:4.6 Stars
Hardware:4.4 Stars
Sound:4.8 Stars
Value:5 Stars
Average:4.7 Stars

Cort. One of the most underestimated acoustic guitar brands to date. I am still looking for a reasonable explanation for the lack of appreciation, but with no success. The sad part is that this company keeps pushing its limits, hoping they will finally get to the place where they deserve to be; it must be hard for their employees to know how good their guitars are and at the same time see how unpopular they are among the masses. The good part is, while they are struggling and fighting with their destiny, we get insanely good models with outstanding characteristics for pennies. This is exactly the case with the Cort L450C.

Cort-L450C-Acoustic-Guitar--800x800Body and Neck
The concert sized body (which is in fact smaller than a dreadnought or a jumbo) comes with a solid, pressure tested mahogany top, mahogany sides, and mahogany back! Just to remind you, we are talking about a $300 guitar, and the tag puts it ahead of the Seagull S6 in our list of reasonably priced instruments. The mahogany neck (I bet you never saw that coming) completes the 25.3 scale length of this guitar. The headstock has a nice classic shape and comes with some great looking tuning pegs, and a nice and shiny chrome finish. The quality rosewood bridge and fretboard complete this affordable masterpiece.

But it is not the body or the hardware that makes this model an outstanding pick; it is the sound. The mahogany combination does its magic and allows the Cort L450C to produce a solid, punchy tone.Thanks to the back and the sides, the rate of the sound is high and the end result is superb overtone coloration. This is not the regular rosewood guitar that you are used to seeing in this price bracket, this is a gem that stands above everyone else. The slim and comfortable neck does its job and allows you to put out a great warm and “woody” like tone.

The Verdict

As a friend of mine loves to joke about it, that this is a Martin with the wrong logo on the headstock. For just a fourth of the price you become an owner of a real quality virgin jewellery. The L450C is a fantastic guitar at an outstanding price. Fun fact: Cort is building and designing acoustic instruments fор Fender and Alvarez. If these two famous-we-eat-them-all companies are recognizing the skills of the people that are standing behind the Cort logo, why aren’t we doing the same thing? I’ll leave this one for you to answer, in the meantime, I’ll go take my L450C out of the wardrobe, I feel sentimental right now.

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