Art And Luthiere Ami

Art And Luthiere Ami

Art & Lutherie Ami

Body&Neck:4.6 Stars
Hardware:4.4 Stars
Sound:4.4 Stars
Value:4.6 Stars
Average:4.5 Stars

A lot of people make the mistake of categorizing parlor guitars as a kid’s toy. They are wrong, and the Art & Lutherie Ami is a great instrument that looks amazing and sounds nice even when it is in the hands of 6’10” tall person. Parlor instruments are fun to play and if you know how to squeeze the maximum out of it, the Ami is a great tool to impress the crowds with. After all this is just a kid’s guitar right? How good can it sound?

$_57 2Body and Neck
Most, if not all, of the Art & Lutherie models come with style. Their designer teams tend to pay attention to the slightest details, and good combination of real quality tonewoods makes the Ami a great pick. This little beauty comes with a ¾ body but a full length scale. The pressure tested solid Cedar top and the Canadian wild cherry sides, in combination with the custom varnish finish, gives this guitar a classic antique style look. The neck comes with a great low setup and it is very easy on the fingers. What I like the most in this parlor sized jewel is that it costs way less than it’s direct competitors and is in fact way better, not just for the looks but for the quality of the sound too.

$_57 3Seagull, A&L, and Cordoba are my favorites when we talk about bringing outstanding sound quality for just a few bucks. The Ami is the showcase of why I am a huge supporter of these “not so popular” brands. The solid cedar top is responsible for the gorgeous rich sound that you will hear once you start playing. The guitar stays in tone without problems, and if you are still not happy with it, a fast resetting takes no more than 15 minutes. Do not underestimate the size of the body, the output is really loud and it comes with perfect intonation. The Ami is good at doing so many things so well it will never cease to amaze you.

The Verdict
You might be wondering why I am not including this one in the travel guitars list, well, here is your answer: because it deserves more. This is an instrument that will exceed all the expectations that you have. The model provides you with full and loud sound, great quality, outstanding design and the A&L logo on the headstock. This is a primary instrument, if you want a travel git look elsewhere or just go for a Baby Taylor(!), but not this one.

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